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It starts with an endless passion for music

Founded in 2021, The Opus 99 Youth Orchestra is an orchestra designed for those who seek a fun community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about music. From the very highest level of playing to those just starting off on their journey through music, Opus 99 believes everyone should have the opportunity to make music in an orchestra. Therefore, anyone that applies to join Opus 99 will be accepted as long as they have one year of playing experience and are in grades 3-12.

The orchestra will meet once a week on Saturday afternoons for 2 hours with around 16 rehearsals spread throughout the Fall and Spring of 2023-2024.  This will culminate with 2 programs presented throughout the year at Klein Collins High School.


Principal Instructors

Carlos Lara, Director.

Carlos Lara


Patrick Moore, Director

Patrick Moore


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